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Thai Chadaa Massage​  

 Mindfulness massage

Why you should choose Thai Chadaa Massage? Because Thai Chadaa Massage is unique.

Cognitive psychology concentrates on how a person processes information which is resulting behaviours; therefore, cognitive psychology is studying of mind and mental process (Anderson, J. R., 1985). Thai Chadaa Masassage conducts cognitive psychology to support our clients to receive a right massage session that will be most effective for them. Thai Chadaa Massage observes clients’ behaviours and analyses information to understand our clients’ needs based on psychology.

Rutchasaree Garrod


The owner


"The meditation of Mind and Body"

We combine the art of Thai massage and science of psychology into our insurable services. Every day in your life is facing of stress and tiredness from works or family commitments triggering anxiety and stress. Thai massage is a non-pharmacological form of therapeutic touch that can help you to relax your mind and body, relieve your tension, reduce blood pressure, improve your mood and promote your better sleep. Importantly, there are researchers that show people having experience of massage have less risk of anxiety and stress. Thai Chadaa inserts a methodology of meditation and mindfulness from Buddhist's practice to beneficially enhance a high quality of massage. You will have a calm and relax state before and during the session of massage resulting in your circulation manipulates properly.

Do you know that stress and high blood pressure is causing of Stroke?

Each year, 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide (WHO). Thai Traditional massage and other massages can prevent a risk of stroke because massage reduces stress and helps you control blood pressure. Mental heath units also conduct massage therapy for their interventions supporting their patients. 

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