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Thai Chadaa Massage​  

 Mindfulness massage

Lots of benefits of Thai Foot massage e.g.

- may improve the circulation your legs and feet

-Stimulates the system of lymphatic drainage

-may boost the immune system

- possibly removes toxins

-increase oxygen

-may reduce stiffness

-deduces stress and mental tiredness


The study of 159 meta-analysis shows that foot massage in cancer patients is resulting an increase of sleep satisfaction and including of a reduction in these following conditions ( Min Young Kin and Pok-Ja Oh, 2011);

  • blood pressure
  • pulse rate
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • nausea
  • vomiting and
  • pain

Why Thai Traditional Massage?​

Beneficial effects

There are many benefits of massage. Researchers show that massage can improve mood, support normal flow of circulation, relieve tension and especially reduce stress and anxiety.

Currently, Thai researchers confirm that Thai Traditional Massage reduces psychological stress among people who had an experience of one-hour-Thai Traditional Massage more than people who did not receive the treatment of Thai Traditional Massage (Sripongngam et al, 2015).

In 2016, Plakorngul and research colleagues studied the effect of Thai massage which was resulting of the increasing blood flow among Thirty healthy volunteers after receiving pressure applications longer than 30 seconds (Plakorngul et al, 2016). 

After 30 Parkinson's disease patients received Thai massage treatments, there was a significant improvement of their upper limb muscles (Miyahara et al,, 2018). 


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Sripongngam, T., Eungpinichpong, W., Sirivongs, D., Kanpittaya, J., Tangvoraphonkchai, K., & Chanaboon, S. (2015). Immediate Effects of Traditional Thai Massage on Psychological Stress as Indicated by Salivary Alpha-Amylase Levels in Healthy Persons. Medical Science Monitor Basic Research, 21, 216-21.